联合早报 2014年8月8日 《为本土美容品牌自豪》。
Singapore Chinese Daily Newspaper feature on 8th August 2014 on Singapore’s pride for home-grown beauty brands.


联合晚报 2月18日 《年轻美少妇,5年创办3家公司》

LianHe WanBao feature on 18th February 2016 on Karine’s entrepreneurship.

Aesthetics & Beauty Issue No.2 2015

Simply Her Magazine January Issue


Radio Interview 88.3fm    与美香同行

GREEN with property agent

Mrs Charity 2016




Featured in Lianhe Wanbao.

[FIRST - 18]  NP/NEWS/PAGES ... 16/11/15

Featured in The New Paper.


Featured in Channel 8 News on 13 February 2016. Karine founded Project Goodwill – raised funds to fund the medical items needed for the old folks and organised volunteering work at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home.

The SME Magazine, The Business Times, January/ February 2017 issue.


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