Karine wants to empower everyone to make a positive difference in the less-priviledged old folks and children’s lives.

Inspired and influenced by her mother who has been doing charity work and would bring Karine and her younger sister along, Karine started organising charity work every Chinese New Year to help the less-priviledged.


Project Goodwill was founded by Karine after winning the title of Mrs Singapore World Charity Queen 2016. From fund raising to voluntary work, the ultimate purposes were to strike a balance in this modern society, promoting humanity and have a heart for the less privileged.

Karine supports World Vision Singapore by sponsoring a less-priviledged child in Mongolia on a monthly basis.

She also supports various old aged homes like Bo Tien Old Folks Home, Home for the Aged Sick and Lee Ah Mooi Old Aged Home.


Organised and raised funds for Project Goodwill – Chinese Lunar New Year voluntary work at Lee Ah Mooi Old Aged Home. More than 30 kind hearted volunteers contributed their love to the less-priviledged old folks on 13th February 2016.


Volunteered at Home for the Aged Sick organised by ERM Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd.


Hawker for a day at Dignity Kitchen organised by ERM Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd.

“Project Chain Effects” initiated by JCI on October 2016 in Cambodia. Read more here.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2016

Paediatric Brain Tumour Awareness Day on 19 February 2017.