3 things I wished I could know 8 years ago

Thank you God for lifting me up and giving me the opportunity to bring Klarity into China!


I was conducting a presentation to buyers overseas. I felt that I was a “winner for that moment” after receiving enquiries and applause from them.

In April 2015, I saw this message on a school building while on my way to airport to fly to Hong kong – Shenzhen….

“With God, everything is possible!”
I’ve learnt that life is illogical and I started to work smart only May this year. Better be late than never. I thought it would be good if I could realise these 3 things 8 years ago:

1. Trust God that he has plans for you and let him work on it. Have faith in Him.
The reason I said that is because I’ve worked and slogged for the past eight years depending solely on my logic and human work to run businesses. He works the magic and miracles that all of us can’t. So He connected me with his network of God-fearing people that ultimately did and created the miracles during the moment that I almost wanted to give up.

2. The Law of Attraction.
Read up the book – The Magic. The book repeats the logic and execution of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Keep thinking about the good and believe in it. They come to you.

Initially,  I thought that I need to physically work hard on my entrepreneurship and I did not think BIG about it. I thought you need to have some “balls” (guts) to risk it all out. I didn’t have them. I was conservative, and too logical.

I’m glad to know and accept that life is illogical.

E.g. A property agent became a millionaire overnight few months ago.


PropNex agent Shirley Seng. (Image Credit: The Straits Times)

According to a report by The Straits Times, 26-year-old Ms Seng, the property agent who completed the transaction deal, became a millionaire overnight when she received a commission of around S$1.5 million. And while this deal has been one that changed her life, the PropNex agent has already made around S$1.7 million in commission from 53 deals.
Source from and read more at: https://vulcanpost.com/260021/singaporean-millionaire-overnight-real-estate/

3. Work smart.
I was all out, by myself, a one man show business at the initial start. I learnt that if you have a business to run, you must have a  “business manager” to take care of the operations and back-end support while you front the business by meeting more people, expanding your network, do your planning and keep all things open. Your network is your networth.


A korean Brand Manager who was also there to do a presentation,  happily volunteered to be my model for vline demo. He had a loss of 3cm on his chin area after 40 min mask treatment.


Cosmoprof Hong Kong 2014. I love  making people happy and to help them to regain their confidence by looking good!


The very first launch of Klarity in Singapore at Ion Orchard with the media.

Lastly, thank you everyone for being part of Klarity.

This article is not about success. Success is a broad term and very individual definition.

My definition of success is when someone is happy, healthy, living a life without worry and able to provide for their loved ones. I am striving to be successful.

With love, Klarity by Karine


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