Exclusive Interview with Mr Chun

Exclusive Interview with Mr Chun


Mr Chun, has been living in USA for about 35 years and owns his own cosmetic distribution company, Callas, with about 60 staff of all races! I had the pleasure and honor to have a casual tea session with him. He shared with me how he started his business and some personal life stories.

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Mr Chun has a supportive wife & 2 beautiful children. I was impressed when he shared that this was a family business.

Here are some of the interesting and insightful details he shared:


About Callas

Callas was set up in the year 2002 with the objective of providing comprehensive, decent and professional make up for mass market at an affordable price. The name Callas was inspired by the Greek word for Beauty “Kallos”. Callas believes that beauty is more than a pretty face and body, it is one’s soul.

Mr Chun was initially a distributor for Isa Knox in Los Angeles but decided to start start his own cosmetic brand, Callas, because he felt that professional make up could be also provided to mass market instead of just used by makeup artists. Callas not only provide cosmetics but also brushes and other accessories for all your beauty needs.

Philosophy in Business

Mr Chun believes in giving your best in your own work. He deeply appreciates loyalty and he mentioned that if anyone leaves the company after acquiring the skills from them to join a competitor’s company, they would not rehire the employee. He feels that loyalty was one of the most important aspects an employee must possess and it could show about a person’s character.

I personally agree with him that loyalty from an individual is an important aspect to build a reputation for oneself.

As I am also in recruitment and headhunting business aside to skincare business, my clients (hiring managers and business owners) often emphasize that the potential candidates should possess loyalty from their previous jobs and not a potential job hopper.

How to define a job hopper?

A job hopper shows no loyalty by changing jobs a year or less without acquiring the necessary skills and experience.

I’ll touch on more on Human Resources Articles –

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Philosophy in Life

Mr Chun believes that one must have passion in the things you do. Understanding his son’s disinterest in beauty industry when working in the family business, he encouraged his son to pursue his own interest in the food industry rather than staying on because he felt that commitment qas in relation to passsion.

He also believed that parents should set a good example for their children and a family must have strong bonds & relationship to maintain the stability. Marriage was about two families marrying, so the bonds and relationships had to extend towards your own families as well as your in-laws.

I was very impressed with how he had started Callas and I knew it was definitely not easy to build a company from scratch.

Mr Chun was a great host when I was in the States and I hope to meet him and his family soon!

In the mid of August, I’ll be sharing on my makeup tips – Karine’s guide to natural korean make up with Klarity skincare and Callas makeup!

Stay tuned!


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