Hello United States of America!

Flying with Korean Air from Singapore – Seoul – Los Angeles. They have changed my flight to an earlier timing and the transit duration in Incheon airport was extended to 9 hours. Thanks Misa Travel for arranging a complimentary transit hotel with Korean Air! Not as much as expected that the Mers would be a ‘danger’, as everyone in the airport doesn’t seem to be too concerned as I’m the only one who wore mask.

Singapore – Seoul – Los Angeles Las Vegas New York – Seoul – Singapore

(This is my first time to USA!)

I am looking forward to a great Cosmoprof show in Las Vegas!

My never say die for learning:
I believe that in life, one should always keep learning and gaining knowledge.

 event 1


It is easy to start the company but to grow the business is something I am still striving for. I always believe in working with positivity, and also to work professionally. I continuously encourage my company to stay positive and strive to create an environment where they can be creative to their fullest and that is how the company can grow. By treating the people in your company right, they can better represent your company and that is one of the most important aspect in managing a company.

Travellingfor business:
To prep my skin for hydration and suppleness for a long haul flight, I used Klarity mask which will be launched in the end of the year~ Stay tuned to that on our Facebook page or Instagram account!



The start of my long haul flight!

Reached Los Angeles and proceeded to Orange County – Beuna Park. The place looked really beautiful and was so refreshing from my tiring flight! I was welcomed by my new Korean friends who are staying in L.A.

My first meal was at Buca Di Beppo, an Italian restaurant that serves HUGE portions of food. Each portion could easily serves 2 to 3 people!


Do you know there are Korean towns here? So exciting~ I was super jetlagged and super tired but everyone complimented that my skin looked good even without make up on! I was happy to share that I was only wearing Klarity Lasertox™ CC Miracle White lotion & Dior Glow lip balm to protect my skin in this cooling weather of 22 degrees!

*Tip for you: Did you know that you can use CC Lotion as a skin protectant in cold weathers like the weather here? It prevents your skin from drying out and windburns


Don’t you think the décor looks so colourful and cheerful?

Well, that concludes my post and I look forward to sharing more of my USA trip in the next posts!


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