Greetings to all of you reading my first post in this humble blog of mine!

Cheong Karine Estelle

I’m Karine, a passionate workaholic, a foodie, a traveller & a beauty analyst!

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I am inclined to sing & hum music whenever I’m happy & I love sharing of all the good stuff that are around me!

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Today’s post will be an introduction to let you guys know more about the brand and me!

How it all started

I started Klarity back in 2014 with about 7 years of experience in the skin care industry prior to that. It was a challenge that I decided to take because I could not find a functional skin care product that gives targeted treatments straight to your concerns rather than using traditional step by step skin care.

Whythe name Klarity

Many people have been asking me why I chose the name Klarity. What does it portray or rather what is the meaning? Well, I actually wanted to portray the importance of skin’s clarity. Klarity’s products are free of parabens and harmful ingredients and uses natural plant extracts to give your skin a healthier option of skin care! I believe that our skin’s clarity should be brought about by a healthier lifestyle, healthier eating habits and using healthier products. Hence, the name was born to give consumers the reassurance that they can achieve the clarity of a diamond when using our products!

Klarity’s philosophy

Klarity’s philosophy is to offer products that are non-invasive, natural and cruelty free. With that being said, did you know that Klarity is the first certified Halal skincare brand in Singapore? I am so thrilled to be the first because it shows that we are truly using non-animal origins for our products. I am an animal lover myself and cannot bear to live with the thought that some animals are used for product testing.

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So what is the main difference of certified Halal skincare and non-halal skincare? As said above, one of the main difference is that Halal skincare do not contain harmful ingredients nor ingredients from animal origins. Everyone can enjoy functional skin care with no worries that it will do more harm than good!


I hope you have a better understanding of the brand and there will be updates on my travels, beauty tips, more about my lifestyle and everything under the sun!

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If you have any questions to on beauty and human resources, do email me at ekarinecheong@gmail.com


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